50% press bets in a Nassau should be the new norm.

Posted by Mark Juleen on

In recent years I’ve had some debates around press bets in a Nassau. For those of you maybe unfamiliar with a Nassau, it’s essentially 3 bets/match. Front nine, back nine, and overall 18. If you’re ever down on one of these bets most people allow for you to “press” the bet, or open up a separate bet that is played over the balance of the holes of the bet/match you are pressing. It is common for press bets to always be accepted, and automatic press bets are often agreed upon once a match is down 2 holes. A couple debates that have come up for the press bet is what I’d like to discuss.

First, if a bet/match is closed, accepting a “press” bet should be optional. For example, if you are up 2 holes with 1 hole to play (essentially the match is closed), your opponent can ask to press the bet on the last hole. However, this press should have the option to be declined because you just beat their ass through 8 holes, and they should not be able to open a 1 hole bet to win their money back unless you agree to it. This is especially important when playing with handicaps and final holes being “stroke holes” for players that just lost (giving them an advantage over 1 hole). 

The second discussion we’ve had (and started to implement) actually helps offset the challenge with the closed match or single hole press bets, and it helps give more value to the main Nassau bet. 50% press bets accomplishes 2 things in my mind really. 1. No debate on whether a bet is closed and a press is still an option. Just take the 50% press, and sure, sandbagger Dave can win back half his money on one hole. 2. This plan encourages more presses potentially, and can make things more interesting for pressing the 18 earlier on as well. 

What do you think of the 50% press bet? More money on the line always makes it fun, so hopefully this option can make press bets better as well. 


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