Don’t underestimate a consistent pre-shot routine.

Posted by Mark Juleen on

Watching Sergio or some other pro fidget over the ball is no reason for an amateur to think that will work for them as well. Certainly, we’re all guilty of feeling awkward over a shot, but one more regrip of the club should not be the trigger in my opinion. 

Think about when you make some of your best strokes, chips, or swings. Usually it’s during practice when you are more at ease or have less pressure in the moment as you just hit the next ball in the pile. Or maybe at the end of a poor round when you know your best or average score is out of reach for the day. What makes these swings easier? I say a consistent approach. Rather than find yourself grinding or overthinking the shot, you pick a club and hit it. 

So the real challenge is finding that when it counts. Of course we notice the pros that are fidgeting, but do you pay attention to the guys with consistent routines? You should start, and you should develop your own. Just like you try to make consistent swings, your pre-shot routine should be as consistent as possible. 

It’s a commitment, and much easier than duplicating an exact swing. OK, maybe you already have a good routine. Here’s a tip. Write it down. You know that Notes app on your phone? Use it! Full swing routine, pitch shot routine, chip routine, bunker routine, putting routine. All of those will have some nuance to them. Write them down, and in your next round make a commitment to follow them every time.


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