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Posted by Mark Juleen on

I’m a lucky golfer. I was shown the game at a very young age, and I know many amateur golfers weren’t as lucky. Picking up the game at a later age requires a lot more time, work, and patience compared to starting at age 5 and building a swing over many years. 

While Jon and I will continue our podcast, I’m starting this blog to share my observations, experience, and thoughts on being the best amateur golfer you can be. The beauty of golf is that you can always do better. It’s the ultimate metaphor for life in my opinion. I hope sharing some stories here can help you get better or at least enjoy the game more. I’ve built up a passion for this game that I hope to pass along through this platform. 

I appreciate you taking time to read this new blog, and if you share it with another golfer that would be the biggest compliment. Cheers to you all, and cheers to hitting more greens!


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