Should you chase distance or accuracy off the tee?

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If we’ve learned anything by watching golf this summer, it’s that the commentators and media really don’t add much to the pro game. Golf is one of those games that is ever changing to each person.  Mentally and physically all players are seeking to get better or more consistent. How much can someone talk about that? In the week leading up to the US Open, the story lines on who could win based on what they did a month ago or even 2 weeks ago went round and round from talking head to talking head. Did we learn anything? Sure. We learned that no one can predict who wins a golf tournament. 

It’s easy to pick Rory, JT, or DJ, and all the fan boys want Tiger or Spieth to win. But no one is Zoltar making wishes (bets) come true except for the actual players making it happen in the moment. Who actually picked Bryson to win? Anyone??? According to the “experts” at CBS, Bryson should not have even been on our radar. Ok smart guys. 👍

So that brings me to the distance argument vs accuracy. Clearly, what Wolff, DJ, Bryson, Rory, and many of today’s best players do is hit bombs. Phil knows it, Tiger has known it, and Jack knew it back in the day. Hit it further, and get a shorter club in your hand for the approach. Bryson has studied it and it’s given him the confidence to work on it as a key to his game. On the contrary, Spieth has tried to gain distance and he’s a mess. So is there a balance? I say yes. The balance is in not caring if you miss the fairway. What Bryson is doing is playing the averages. If he can hit 50% of the fairways and have wedges in, then he most likely has 7 good looks at birdie. The other holes he’s just trying make pars.  And if he had a good day hitting fairways and greens from the rough he might get a few more looks. 

So should we chase distance. Yup! Bombs away!!! Trying to guide it down the middle or lay up with an iron or 3-wood basically doesn’t make sense anymore. I say go for it, and deal with the potential consequences. Both distance and 100% accuracy with the driver aren’t likely. So swing hard and just accept the misses. It’s working for Bryson, and everyone’s swing is different anyway. Own yours and find a way to hit it further!


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