Faded.Golf The Podcast

Posted by Mark Juleen on

When I created Faded.Golf it was just a fun project where I could have some fun t-shirts to share with my friends. Of course, I did not expect this little project to grow into a new found passion for the game of golf. As a result, Jon and I have started a golf podcast to talk about golf just like people do after a round in the club lounge or on their back porch just hanging out. 

Our goal is to focus on golf from the amateur perspective. If you want the official data or opinion from a talking head we figure there are plenty of channels covering those things. We talk a little bit about what we enjoy with pro golf, but also focus on equipment of interest, and, in general, playing this great game. Of course, it wouldn’t be golf (in our opinion) without a beverage of choice. So we like to sample some spirits and let you know our thoughts on those as well. 

We’d love for you to subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Anchor.  Of course, we’d also love your feedback or comments on the show.  Feel free to connect with us on Instagram or Twitter to share your thoughts.

Thanks for all the support as we see where this thing can go, and go hit some more greens, you’ll score better.